PDLT Members & Families

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

PDLT Members & Families

On Tuesday afternoon, PDLT board member Mary Caroline Vaught and friends, Rae Rogers and Minnemie Murphy, brought a total of 13 kids and grandkids to participate in the BioBlitz. The children were split into two groups, older kids and younger kids. The older kids ran around knocking down old tree stumps in typical boy fashion to see if they could find some organisms. They were able to spot anoles, slimy salamanders, skinks, and insects including bess beetles, spiders, and millipedes. 

The younger children were in awe of the numerous species of butterflies found on the property. They used field guides and identified the butterflies as Eastern tiger swallowtail*, Zebra swallowtail*, and Red-spotted Purple*. They also spotted a caterpillar, millipede, tons of spiders, deer tracks, mushrooms!

The older kids were still full of energy after the 1.5 hour hike through the woods! Needless to say, the kids had a wonderful time even though the adults were probably a bit exhausted. And congratulations to this group for identifying 3 new species for the BioBlitz list!

Click the photo above to scroll through photos of their trip.



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