Overview & Mission

Overview & Mission

Pee Dee Land Trust

Pee Dee Land Trust (PDLT) was formed in 1998 as an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit land trust thanks to the support of local individuals and organizations.  With a small dedicated staff and volunteer Board of Directors living and working in all nine counties of the Pee Dee Watershed, PDLT strives to conserve, and promote an appreciation of, the significant natural, agricultural, and historical resources that make our area special. 

To date, PDLT has partnered with private landowners to permanently protect 108 properties encompassing over 43,000 acres across the watershed, along with thousands more protected through partnership initiatives.  Over 80% of conservation easements held by PDLT are working farms and forests clustered mainly along waterways.

PDLT is committed to landowner and public outreach initiatives in an effort to expand  our conservation community and grow the blueways and greenways in the Pee Dee Watershed.

PDLT provides an opportunity for those who have long been interested inpreservation of the land and for those who are new to the concept. Through PDLT, conservation easements on privately owned land will ensure the significant natural, agricultural and historical resources are permanently protected from industrial development and segmentation. For their generosity in helping protect special places, and while still serving as stewards of the land, there are often tax benefits for families and corporations.  

Because land protection is done strictly on a voluntary basis by the landowner, the land trust's conservation efforts are non-regulatory, and do not advocate for various environmental causes. At its core, Pee Dee Land Trust is about preserving the special relationship Pee Dee residents have with their land and preserving it for the future.  

Every five years Pee Dee Land Trust adopts a new 5-Year Strategic Plan.  This plan gives our Board of Directors and staff a clear roadmap to our goals and objectives.  PDLT prioritizes staff time according to the potential return on investment towards reaching all goals in the Strategic Plan.  We are currently in the midst of PDLT’s July 2023 – June 2028 Strategic- Plan, which include the 5 Key Goals:  Protecting Land, Ensuring Organizational Excellence, Building Financial Stability, Growing our Conservation Community and Expanding Community Relevance.  To learn more about our Key Goals and Strategic Objectives, see our current plan here.


PDLT Map December31 2023

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