Hemingway considers renovating Snows Lake Landing

Hemingway considers renovating Snows Lake Landing
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HEMINGWAY, S.C. – Hemingway Town Administrator Joe Lee is looking into the possibility of the town working to restore Snows Lake Landing.

The lake is about four to five miles away from Hemingway.

Lee told the Hemingway Town Council last week that he had received a call from David Mace, the downtown development director in Johnsonville, who asked him whether the town would be interested in working to get Snows Lake Landing straight. Johnsonville recently completed renovations at Venters Landing, adding a reinforced concrete dual ramp, a new 8-foot-by-100-foot aluminum floating courtesy dock and a resurfaced parking lot.

“He (Mace) said, let me give you a few particulars on it,” Lee said. “He said Ducks Unlimited had a project that they were going to do, but it fell through. So they got a little more money. They got a little more money to buy the property.”

But the problem is finding someone to own and look after the Snows Lake Landing property, Lee said.

“You know, you’re going to have liability on it,” Lee said. “You’re going to have to cleanup.”

Restoring the three and a half acres of land can be done in phases. Lee said restoration could begin with the landing, and other things could be added later. He said asphalt, picnic tables, and sheds could all be added to the space.


Lee said Mace thought between the Department of Natural Resources and Pee Dee Land Trust, there could be more money to take care of the project and possibly take away most of the associated costs from whoever ends up with it.

“There’s a lot of history down there,” Lee said. “There’s a lot of people who kayak. There’s a lot of people who bird watch. There’s a lot of people that like to go out and go fishing down there, this type of thing. I think it’ll be a win-win for Hemingway, the county and the whole community.”

When he has more concrete information about the project, Lee said, he will bring it back to the council. But at this point, he is just looking into the details.

“I just wanted to bring that up because we’re going to the county with it next week with the supervisor and talk about it,” Lee said. “So anyway, we’ll see how they feel about it.”

Hemingway Acting Mayor George Sutton said he thinks fixing-up the landing would be a good idea.

“I definitely think that would be an asset for us and everybody in the community,” Sutton said. “I really do.”



Pee Dee Land Trust is proud to help coordinate this project and hopes to see this community asset restored and made available for public use along the Lynches River.



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