YMCA Florence

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

YMCA Florence

The final week of July was a busy one! This week 7 field trips with approximately 150+ students took place at the preserve with students ranging from 5k to 6th grade. Each trip was a little different: the older students solely used the workbook, some used both the workbooks and scavenger hunts, and the younger students only used the scavenger hunt. The students using the workbooks had fun writing down names of species and tallying numbers. Of course, the younger students enjoyed checking off items from their scavenger hunts.

With so many eyes scouting the woods, students were able to discover undocumented species including the Hawk moth caterpillar, an unidentified green caterpillar, and a Giant leopard moth caterpillar. Observing these caterpillars from a distance ensures that they nor students are not harmed since some can be harmful if handled. Common organisms were found, as well, such as toads (narrowmouth and southern), Bess beetles, lizards (5-lined and anoles), and others.

Some groups did not have much luck finding organism but enjoyed playing and walking at Dargan Nature Preserve. I had a handful of students mention the idea of visiting again with their parents and we sincerely hope they do! We are so glad we got to meet such wonderful and energetic students. Thank you YMCA Florence for sending us your students.


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