YMCA Darlington

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

YMCA Darlington

19 students from Darlington Co. YMCA visited the preserve on a very hot Wednesday morning (approx. 95°F) this week! Even though we were pouring sweat, we were able to learn about the preserve and search for organisms along the way. These bright students had an answer to every question almost immediately. Good job parents and teachers for doing such a good job teaching them!

We saw some earthworms, lizards (green anoles and other blue-tailed juveniles), marbled salamanders, snails, and other organisms today. At first, students were worried about handling the animals but I talked them into holding a southern toad and an earthworm. They were nervous the whole time. Also, students touched a bess beetle but didn’t hold it for fear of insects! If you’ve never seen one, bess beetles have protruding mouthparts which make them look menacing making some people afraid to handle them. In reality, when they are handled the beetles scurry to try and flee from danger!

Students, thank you for being such a fun group and not only learning from us but sharing your knowledge, as well! You were all so much fun to teach.



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