South Carolina Connections Academy

Friday, 29 April 2016

South Carolina Connections Academy

We had another fun day at Dargan Nature Preserve! A group from SCCA brought 7 bright young students of all ages and they were able to add a new species to our species list….a very beautiful yet venomous snake, a copperhead. This was a juvenile found in a rotting log and as I always say, thankfully Ben found it and not me!  The students were able to observe it from a safe distance and no one was hurt.

Students were able to find millipedes, an eastern box turtle, a broadheaded skink, and a handful of bess beetles. I am happy to say that these (grand)parents were advocates for student exploration. This is an excellent quality to have- allow kids to learn and grow but also teach them that some things require admiration at a safe distance! We learned it first-hand when we say the copperhead. While these are beautiful creatures, only expert herpetologist should handle them!

Thank you for driving such a distance to visit the preserve! We enjoyed teaching your kids for a short while and we hope you enjoyed it, too!




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