PDCHEA Students

Thursday, 16 June 2016

PDCHEA Students


Compared to Wednesday, the weather wasn’t so hot or muggy but it was still hot. South Carolina will always be unbearably hot during the summer but I am so glad students are still willing (or forced) to come on a field trip to Dargan Nature Preserve! One of the coolest things we saw today was a fawn. It took off running when we approached the trail to the creek. We’ve seen more deer in the past week than we have since the BioBlitz project started. Wednesday before the YMCA group showed up, Ben and I saw 3 deer running across Woods Dargan Rd.

6 students walked leisurely to the creek and back looking under fallen logs and debris to find some interesting creatures! Unfortunately, we didn’t see any salamanders. We did see some fat grubs (possibly bess beetle larva), snails, and many, many species of fungi! We also added another frog species to the list… a leopard frog! We found multiple leopard frog individuals today around the banks of Swift Creek. A student tried to catch one but the frog was just too fast.

Two box turtles were found today and the youngest one was named Charlie per PDCHEA student’s request. The other turtle we found can be distinguished from other individuals by a chipped carapace near its tail. Almost 2 whole marginal scutes are missing. The students spotted this individual under leaf litter near a decaying log. I am so glad they were able to spot it!

I hope to see more PDCHEA students out this Fall! Thank you for letting us teach your children for a short while. It was fun!



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