Florence Christian School- Mona Timmon’s Class

Tuesday, 05 April 2016

Florence Christian School- Mona Timmon’s Class

Mrs. Timmon’s class was an eager group of students who willingly and excitingly went off-trail to find some interesting and undocumented species on Dargan Preserve! Approximately 20+ students hiked in the woods for two hours on a warm Tuesday morning and were able to see a variety of different organisms living on the property.

Throughout the trip, I was directing my group to find a salamander since none of my groups, personally, had found one yet. Guess what they found? A slimy salamander near the base of a tree in a moist part of the trail! Needless to say, we were excited and most of the students in the group got to touch and/or hold it before putting it back. Student’s also found a pair of male and female broad-headed skinks, a green caterpillar, several snails, and a juvenile five-lined skink.

We had a wonderful time hosting these kids! Thank you parents and guardians for allowing us to bring your students in the woods and letting them see first-hand how special and diverse the forests are.

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