FCS Summer Day Camp

Friday, 17 June 2016

FCS Summer Day Camp

On Friday, 3K, 4K, and 5K students from Florence Christian School’s Summer Day Camp participated in a scavenger hunt to discover frogs, birds, animal tracks, and numerous other plants and animals which make the Dargan Preserve their home. Before the hunt could start, our field assistant, Ben, gave students a quick presentation over reptiles and amphibians which was accompanied by a showing of his very own pets, including the Tokay gecko and a type of mastigure lizard. Also, students were able to have a close-up view of a young Eastern box turtle and a Southern toad.

After the presentation, the students split into two groups and went separate ways in order to uncover cool, exciting organisms. After pointing out ferns along the trail edge, the students were able to correctly identify other fern plants at various parts of the trail. They also saw a variety of fungi including Turkey tail mushrooms and an unidentified black fungus overtaking a fallen log. 

Overall, the students seemed to enjoy walking the nature trail and managed to survive the heat. We are so honored the parents let us take their kids out on such a hot day and surround them in nature!

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