Delmae Elementary’s 4H Club

Monday, 11 April 2016

Delmae Elementary’s 4H Club

Approximately 20 students in Delmae Elementary’s 4H club came out Monday to learn about the preserve and spend some quality time away from the classroom! Debbie Chapman, a science lab teacher at Delmae runs the 4H program and decided that the BioBlitz program would be a good fit for her students.

Though some of these students don’t regularly visit the forest, my staff appreciated the opportunity to get them out of their comfort zones and interested in the ecosystem at Dargan Preserve.  These young students were champions when it came to searching the preserve. Some of the students wanted to follow deer trails while others wanted to climb trees but overall they were able to learn from these experiences. Along the way we saw mealworms, mushrooms, beetles, and of course…a TON of spiders! Students also got to see a five-lined skink which is common in the Pee Dee Region.

Mrs. Chapman, thank you for bringing your students! We hope we instilled a good, lasting impression of the joy it brings to walk in the woods.


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