All Saints’ Episcopal- 5th Graders

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

All Saints’ Episcopal- 5th Graders

I am pleased to inform you that these students were very enthusiastic about finding animals on Dargan Preserve! During the trip, two groups headed towards the creek while the third hiked the woods. By covering multiple habitats, you are going to see a broader diversity of life, which these students did. Not only was the weather hot but these kids were eager to search and find… and find they did!

While students covered a large portion of ground by the creek, they discovered marbled salamanders, southern toads, worms, and a bess beetle. Along the trail in the wooded habitat, students found a green anole, multiple five-lined skinks, and a fiery searcher beetle. Students were amazed at the molting skin on the green anole. Pieces of the molting skin were hanging on its tail.

One BioBlitz goal is to achieve some level of comfort in the lives of participants and when a parent tells us that they were glad we got them out of their comfort zones, I do believe we did our jobs correctly. That’s what we hope to achieve with this program in the lives of students and community members.

Thank you 5th grade classes for visiting the preserve and being passionate about exploring. Additional thanks for the teachers and parents who carpooled to get the students there! You made this trip possible for those students. Way to go!

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